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Mobilize unveils Limo, its first all-electric saloon for taxi and chauffeur drivers with flexible packages so there is something for everyone.
mobilize limo

Mobilize Limo: ride-hailing transport enters the era of electric mobility

The market of private transport services – mainly taxi and chauffeur services – can now tap into an ideal EV solution: Mobilize Limo. An elegant, high-end saloon with a full-electric motor, it will be available on a subscription-only basis with flexible rates that include both the car and associated services. Its range of almost 450 km (pending WLTP certification) means drivers can operate their car for up to two whole days without having to recharge, and the calm interior gives added peace of mind for driver and passengers alike. An ideal city car, it is clean and quite. Mobilize Limo will be unveiled at the IAA Mobility 2021 car show in Munich and available as of the second half of 2022.

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The very first Mobilize model, Limo is the brand’s response to an ever-changing private transport industry. The offer brings together vehicles with flexible services and is a perfect illustration of Mobilize’s ability to accommodate users with their changing needs. It also showcases Renault Group’s unique expertise and experience with mobility services and the strength of RCI Bank and Services when it comes to financing solutions.

Clotilde Delbos
CEO Mobilize

An ideal, affordable ‘zero-emission’ car for the ride-hailing industry

While a booming market in Europe, it must rapidly electrify at all costs so that mobility – as it becomes more multimodal – incorporate vehicles and services that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. At a time when city centres a implementing traffic restrictions with the advent of Low Emissions Zones (LEZ), Mobilize Limo is a well-suited response to the current demand expressed by private transport drivers calling for zero-emission vehicles that are as comfortable as they are affordable.


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Mobilize, a sustainable ecosystem that serves the energy transition

Mobilize is a brand that promotes the energy transition, it goes well beyond automotives into new terrain. Through flexible services in terms of energy and data, it strives to fulfill the new mobility needs expressed by individuals, companies, and municipalities.

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Mobilize is committed to low-carbon mobility and is convinced that mobility and energy will be two inter-linked industries in years to come. As such, the brand has chosen the IAA Mobility car show in Munich to announce that, in addition to Limo, there will be three connected services to further promote electric vehicle uptake. They include Mobilize Charge Pass for companies and Mobilize Smart Charging for individuals.



In its mission to promote low-carbon mobility, Mobilize is also working on intelligent energy storage solutions and ways to reuse of EV batteries. Just like the work it has been doing with Betteries. From design, through to usage and recycling, solutions must be designed in order to optimise resource management (such as batteries) and to function as an ecosystem.


4,67 meters

that’s the length of the new all-electric Limo saloon. A size close to that of D-segment models.


that is the share of Ile-de-France greater-Paris area private chauffeurs, out of the 47,000 ones listed in France.

450 km

it is the average range of Mobilize Limo, which alleviates certain fears drivers may have when it comes to transitioning to electric mobility.



Promoting sustainable mobility

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